Irina, Jet and a 1936 Ford Roadster

Do you like the look of a Vintage Photo?  Here’s the story behind a recent photo session.

This project was 2 years in the making. Although I had the model who would dress in authentic vintage wear, the goggles, access to the Borzoi and location, I couldn’t find the right car. I wanted a classic 1930s convertible.

Recently, as my husband and I were driving, I saw this shiny dark blue miracle of a Roadster parked at a gas pump. It was like the clouds of heaven opening up. “That’s the car!” I shouted as I directed Bill to pull into the station. I waited for 3 breaths before opening the car door. I didn’t want to be “that crazy lady” as I approached the owner.

Although surprised by the request, he was delighted to offer his car for the project.

212-mat-wmThe car is a 1936, Irina’s dress was made in 1938 and her hair is makeup are 1930s style, her shoes were made in 1940, Jet is a Borzoi breed popular in graphic art pieces during the 1930s, the goggles are originals from the 1930’s, the house was built in 1902.

052-1 wm.jpg

When all these pieces came together it … Made Me Smile.  Hope it makes you smile, too!

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A huge Thank You goes to:

  • Irina, for coming up with the perfect vintage presentation.
  • Karen, for offering Jet, a therapy dog with Pet Prescription Team who helps children in hospitals and through the family court system.
  • Sabine, for finding and offering the vintage goggles.
  • Jim and Sharon, for offering your fabulous car, and finally making this project happen!

To see more images and a peek behind the scenes from the project, click here >Irina, Jet, & a 1936-Ford-Roadster


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