Craft Your Heart Out

I found these fabulously fun Valentine craft ideas at “Sign Up Genius” and want to share them with you!

A simple heart shape can be created out of almost any material and says love in any size and color you desire for your card. 

  1. Sweethearts – Use candy to create and paste heart shapes on your cards and packages. Conversation and cinnamon hearts work well for these.
  2. Blended Hearts – Using markers or colored pencils, create areas of bright, blended colors across a page of white or colored cardstock. Then cut hearts from the best parts of the paper to attach to handmade cards and to use as gift tags.
  3. Magazine Hearts – Find your favorite colors and interesting patterns from pages of old magazines and start cutting all sorts of shapes and sizes.
  4. Mosaic Hearts – Your local craft store has colorful stones and glass pieces made specifically for creating a mosaic. Want a full nature experience? Paint hearts on stones you find while adventuring outside.
  5. Tissue Paper Hearts – You probably have leftover tissue paper in different colors and patterns stashed away. Cut out a variety of shapes and sizes to embellish cards and notes. These are great for paper mosaic cards as well.
  6. Stringing Them Along Hearts – Use string, ribbon, or yarn to create hearts as well as cupid and arrow designs.
  7. Bubble Wrap Hearts – Cut whimsical hearts from the squishy packing material to paste on cards or artwork.
  8. Torn Hearts – Try a variety of papers and colors and start tearing for very natural and interesting heart shapes.
  9. Heart Stamps – They’re always available at the craft store, along with ink pads in favorite Valentine’s colors.
  10. Heart Art – Use watercolors to paint beautiful hearts on paper or card stock. Then get creative with materials like glitter, stickers, puff paint or markers. Gift your masterpiece to a special someone!

Gather the kiddos around the table and have some memory building fun!

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