Family Christmas Traditions in 2020

This year certainly has been an opportunity to focus on family togetherness. Here are ideas to review the year and embrace traditions, old or new.

First, set aside a time for everyone to sit down together and create a list of how you’ve grown as a family. It’s meaningful to chat and see these ideas in writing.

What did you do this year together that was new or special? Have you started a family tradition? Perhaps it’s eating meals together again at the table. Perhaps you began riding bikes or playing board games or creating crafts or learning an instrument. Have you simply been more “fully present” with your loved ones?

Christmas traditions

For our family, it has been a year of the unexpected and of blessings. Here are 10 of my favorite Family Traditions!

  1. Give a tree ornament that represents your child’s interest each year, and then save them to present as a special gift when they leave home.
  2. Make a Christmas Playlist of your favorite songs.
  3. Make a pillow case with Christmas theme fabric, used only in December each year.
  4. Create Christmas cards and wrapping paper.
  5. Make cookies or candies from a family recipe (or create your own traditional recipe), only made in December.
  6. Make a Family Bucket List for things to do by the end of the year.
  7. Have a Christmas Movie Night to watch a favorite holiday movie only watched in December.
  8. Drive to see Christmas lights.
  9. Attend a Christmas Eve service or read the Christmas Story from the Bible and sing Carols.
  10. Create a Family Portrait!

Christmas socks

If you are looking for more Christmas Tradition ideas, Carly the “Mommy On Purpose” has a great blog. You can read her entire list here: 30 Memory Making Family Christmas Traditions To Start In 2020

This is been a year of uncertainty and yes, even a bit crazy. But… It has been a year of togetherness and a year to build traditions!

Wishing you and your family a holiday filled with love and traditions.


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