3 Tips to Create Awesome Photos!

Have you ever wondered why some photos look mysteriously better than others?  Anyone can take a better picture.  All it takes is insider information and practice.  With 3 Tips, I’ll show you how to start creating awesome photos … right away.

Whether you use a cell phone or fancy DSLR camera, focus and composition are key.

Tip 1  ~ Focus

On a CELL PHONE, tap &  hold on the screen where the subject is located in your image. There will be an indicator that auto focus [AE/AF*] is on.  Depending on your phone, you may need to back up or step forward, zoom in or out.  You can also adjust the lighting by swiping up or down on the exposure indicator.    *Auto Exposure/Auto Focus

On a DSLR or SLR camera, press the shutter button halfway down, let the camera auto focus, and then click to take the picture.

Be intentional about focus.  It’s the basic foundation of a good image.

Tip 2 ~ Rule of Thirds

The Rule of Thirds is the first and most basic composition element.  This simple principle will help you to create well balanced and interesting images that are pleasing to view.

Start by dividing your image into three equal sections both horizontally and vertically.  Place your subject on one of the lines or where two lines intersect.  Place landscape horizons on the top or bottom horizontal lines. The choice of placement will be determined by whether the top or bottom 2/3 is more interesting.

The placement doesn’t have to be exact.  Just close. 

You can also crop the image to create a Rule of Thirds, but do your best to create this in-camera as you take the photo.  This will allow the use of as many pixels as possible, creating a more clear image.

Tip 3 ~ Leading Lines

To enhance the engagement of the viewer, the second important composition element is the capturing and placement of lines. Actual or implied lines will lead the viewer’s eyes  throughout the image. Lines can be straight, curved, or even spiral.

Take a look at this picture of a mountain road.

Do your eyes begin at the bottom, and then travel up and to the right?  Do you wonder what’s around that curve?  By using these familiar converging lines, you as the viewer are now engaged with the image.

Now look at the shell.  Where do your eyes start and end? In the center on in the corner? It doesn’t matter where they start, but that they are moving through the image.

. . . . .

I hope these 3 Tips help on your journey to create awesome photos!  Reach out if you have questions.  I want to encourage you to see beauty in the world around you, capture it in photos, and share your images with others!

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