How Will You Be Remembered?

During this time of uncertainty, many folks react in basic lizard brain fear.  I’d like for us to do something different.   Let’s think about this question:

How will you be remembered?

Will you be remembered as the one who made “just checking on you” phone and video calls to friends, relatives, colleagues and clients?


Will it be that you tried your best to balance work at home, teach your children, and still have giggling cuddle times?

heather family-1

Will you be remembered by your hours of dedication to sew masks, put care packages together for our health care workers, our first responders, our grocery store workers?

Will you be remembered as the one who went grocery shopping and made deliveries for your fragile neighbors?

Person Doing Shopping For Elderly Neighbour


Will you be remembered as the one who collected and delivered art & crafts supplies, games and puzzles for your local charity?


Will you be remembered as the one who participated in honoring teachers, children’s birthdays, graduating seniors with drive by, honk as you pass, community outreaches?

Lori kids for teachers

Will you be remembered as the one who made the decision to CHOOSE JOY?

choose joy


Starting today, I’m going to post something beautiful on my Facebook page, just for you.  I hope this will balance the negative news of this time.

112 wm - low res

Click here for your Daily Dose of Beauty.


I want to be remembered as the person who brings joy and who reminds us all that there is still beauty to replenish our souls.

Let’s figure out how each of us can be of service to others.  What are your personal and spiritual gifts that you can share?  I’d like to know, so please share your thoughts with me.

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