7 Tips to Look Your Best in Online Meetings

We are well into the world of online meetings.  Have you noticed how some folks look like they’re ready for business?

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Here are 7 tips to look your best in online meetings:

  1.  Lighting.  Ensure the light is on your face.  Having light to the front and side of your face is even better.  If you sit in front of a window, you’ll simply be a silhouette.  This is great if you want to roll out of bed for that meeting, but you’ll have more impact as a professional when you are seen.  If this location is your only option, close the blinds.
  2. Camera Position.  Set your camera so it is positioned slightly above your face.  When you are looking up at the camera, it opens your eyes a bit and reduces any “extra” chin.  This position is also more flattering than an up your neck to chin and nostril shot.  If you use a desktop computer, set the camera on top of the screen.  If you’re using a portable computer at your desk, set the computer on top of a stack of books or a box to raise it up.
  3. Position Yourself.  Once you’ve positioned your camera location, sit back.  Position yourself so you are seen with your head and shoulders.  We’ve all seen the eyes and nose to top of head and ceiling shot.
  4. Sit up.  Whatever is closest to the camera will appear the largest.  Most likely you’d rather that not be your stomach to chest, up to your neck, to finally a little face.
  5. Background.  Consider what’s going on behind you.  People walking around, making tea, using the restroom (!) can be distracting.  Do your best to position your computer so there is something still and pleasant for your meeting participants to look at.  Even if that means hanging a sheet behind you to hide that messy bedroom you converted to your office.
  6. Dress for Work.  Most of us would not go into work in our pajamas and not groomed.  Get up, take a shower, do your usual grooming and get dressed …  at least to point where you’re seen.  OK, yoga pants and sweats will still work on the bottom half.
  7. Relax with Kids.  You look your best when you’re relaxed.  We all know there may be kids with some meeting participants.  If you are a parent of small children, do your best to prepare them before the meeting.  Start them in an activity that they can work on themselves.  Let them know you can’t play now but will later.  If they come into camera view with you, realize it’s life right now.  Enjoy experiencing this personal side of you and your coworkers.

Those who are new to working from home are experiencing an adventure in balancing work and home life.  It’s good to realize that how you are viewed online can represent how professionally you are doing your job.  Let me know if these tips help you!

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