Relaxing Colors ~ Pink

In this time of chaos, let’s find ways to positively affect our mood.  Color can do just that!

In recent blogs, we looked at blue and green.  Today, let’s look at PINK.  Here are a few of my fine art pieces as examples.

Pink 2

Pink is color that promotes tranquility and peace. In fact, Feng Shui believes pink soothes various energies in a room and keep them understated. Pink calms and reassures our emotional energies.

Childs Room - Marion

Although pink is considered a feminine color, commonly seen in a baby girl’s nursery room, the right shade of pink can look beautiful in just about any room.

Fushia 2

At home or in the work place, pink calms and reassures our emotional energies.

Is this a good time to add colorful artwork to your home or office?
Just let me know!  Contact Donna

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I am a Southern California based Portrait, Commercial and Fine Art Photographer who sees the world a bit differently.


You can view more of my work here > Donna Edman Photography.
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Together, we can Capture YOUR Life, One Image at a Time!

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