A Gift to Say, “I Love You”

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Everyone has a different and specific type of gift that rings their bell. Some are material, but other “gifts” can be intangible, like an idea or a feeling. Gary Chapman, in his book, The 5 Love Languages, broke down five ideals on how we give and receive love.

Below is a sampling of his work, but his book is an excellent read and can be found here: https://www.5lovelanguages.com/5-love-languages/

red-heart  Words of Affirmation

Affirmation 2The old saying, actions speak louder than words, isn’t always true. Letting a loved one know you are thinking about them and appreciate them with words of affirmation means more than any physical gift. A simple statement of “I love you,” and hearing the reasons why they are special to you feeds their soul.

red-heart  Acts of Service


Easing the burden of responsibilities can be the greatest gift of all to some. Whether it’s cooking a meal, mowing the lawn or merely hanging a picture on the wall, there are those of us who think an act of service is better than the most fabulously wrapped present.

For this type of person, words of affirmation hold no meaning and actions speak loudly. Let’s say  you vacuumed the living room. There’s a treasure chest of gratitude for the recipient of this gift of service.

red-heart  Receiving Gifts

gift 2

Most of us love to receive gifts. Many like the joy of discovery. The anticipation of opening a wrapped package is something that has been instilled in many of us since childhood. Birthdays, Christmas, weddings and anniversaries, receiving gifts has become an expected and exciting part of life.

When considering a gift to someone who has this love language, it’s not just the gift, it’s the thought you put into it. Last-minute flowers from the local 7-11 may not float their boat, but a hand-picked rose from your garden would be mightily cherished.

red-heart  Quality Time

togtherWe all know that time is in limited supply. There are only so many hours in the day, days in the week and weeks in the year. Setting aside time to spend with someone special can seem like a trivial thing but is often the hardest gift to give.

Is this your special someone’s love language? Then turn off the TV and the iPhone and give them your full attention. You’ll make them very happy.

red-heart  Physical Touch

touchPhysical touch is a very up close and personal gift. If this is your love language, the perfect gift would be hugs, a pat on the back or simply thoughtful touches. These can communicate safety, love and warmth.

For those who prefer physical closeness, diamond rings and “Attaboys” won’t communicate love more than a touch.

. . . . .

Arranging a Portrait Session with your loved one is a gift of service.  During your creative session you will have quality time together to say “I Love You.”  Each time you see your portraits, you will remember the experience and it will be a treasured gift for a lifetime!

I would be honored to create loving portraits for you.
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I am a Southern California based Portrait, Commercial and Fine Art Photographer who sees the world a bit differently.

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Together, we can Capture YOUR Life, One Image at a Time!


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