A True Love Story

“In one lifetime you will love many times but one soul you will love forever.”
~ Julie

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During their engagement session, Julie told me her and Mike’s heart warming love story.

“It was summer in the 1960’s, my grammar school days.  The favorite annual trip was to our grandparent’s, Grandpa Herb and Mimi’s.   This was always a fun visit.  Life back then was not the typical way of life now.  When youngsters got restless or rambunctious, they were sent outside to play and that’s what happened when my brother, Charles, became summertime buddies with the neighbor, Mike.

My brother and Mike would swim in the pool at Mimi’s and Grandpa’s during the day and play hide-n-seek after dinner (really it was ring and ditch, but you couldn’t tell the parents that).  I often tagged along and eventually had a crush on Mike.

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During one summer visit Mike stole a kiss from me, the first for each of us, that set off the spark of sparks.  Each summer that spark was rekindled, but life happens.  Mike and I were growing up.  As my mom decided that I shouldn’t be distracted in my young years by  romance she sent me to boarding school.  Mike and I were not able to keep in touch and consequentially went our separate ways.  We each married in the late 1970s and life went on except for one thing … that spark remained.

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Some forty years later, with the help of social media, Mike and Charles reconnected on Facebook.  Mike inquired as to my status and asked if Charles would let him know that he was interested in hearing from me.  It took about 30 seconds for Mike and I to get back in touch.   Since then, now both unattached, we haven’t looked anywhere but forward.

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Mike and I have many common interests including horses and horseback riding, animal rescue and animals in general.

After forty years of foraging separate trails, Mike and I found that the spark never went out.  Today we are here not with a spark but with a flame, one that burns for each other fully.  Mike and I are alive as soul mates … forever.”


Julie and Mike, wishing you happiness together for the rest of your lives.
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