Street Photography … It’s Kind of Scary

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Usually, I am creating images for portrait and commercial clients.  When I take my camera out to play, I typically photograph nature, travel locations and architecture.

I’ve been experimenting with Street Photography, photographing strangers.  For me, the unpredictability is kind of scary and seems a bit voyeuristic.  Bottom line, it’s uncomfortable.

My son is doing absolutely awesome street photography and he is an encouragement for me to stretch beyond what’s comfortable.

When I was in China, I began photographing people on the sidewalks.  For some images, I asked permission. For others, the images were created from a distance.  Now I’m actively looking for photo opportunities, even though my tummy does a little flip.

There is an exhilaration and freedom in creating images “on the fly.”  No usual lighting setup or posing or lugging around gear.  Just me and my camera, walking around looking for people who catch my eye.

These images are recent award winners.  How about that!
1390 BW wm
“Next Move” Chinese chess played on the sidewalk in Chendu, China.
This image won Best of Photo Journalism at Professional Photographers of America, Orange County.
257-1 wm


“Sorrow”  This is our granddaughter comforting our grandson.  As their mom held them both, I stepped away to capture their love for each other.
This image won Best Photo of the Day in an on-line international competition.

266 B BW

“Serious Bowling”  I grabbed the opportunity to capture this image while scouting out locations for a client session in Laguna Beach.  These guys were serious bowlers!
This image won Best B&W Photo of the Day in an on-line international competition.

I would love to hear your thoughts about these images, and what you think of Street Photography.  Leave me some comments!


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